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Update: As of 9/1/2018, the Leader Board is officially retired. In other words: the game is over! Congratulations to our winner, Tamisril, Desolater of the Bezirh Highlands!

Welcome to the Han and Matt Know It All: Arcade Edition home game where Matt has compiled a list of all known listeners and awarded them points for various activities affiliated with the podcast.

The following achievement badges are available to be won by listeners of the show, and each of them possesses a unique point value, contributing to one's overall total on the Listener Leader Board:

An explanation of how to earn each badge is on the Listener Leader Board (Google Sheet) along with all the most up-to-date scores for every known listener. Note that if there appears to be something amiss or outright missing, please email Matt about it and he'll make corrections to your score ASAP.

The only real "chance" factor involved is for the Fan set of badges in that it's up to the discretion of the Know-It-Alls whether something you send to them will be mentioned on the show; the first four badges in this set, however, are the only ones that have no limit on the amount that you can earn, so don't get discouraged if not everything you send our way doesn't make it onto the show! All other badges are attainable simply provided that you meet their listed conditions.

Good luck, and have fun!