Han and Matt Know It All Press Kit

PLEASE NOTE: The podcast has officially retired as of July, 2019. This page is up for posterity.

Enjoy our latest episode while you learn more about the show.

Fact Sheet


Han and Matt Know it All is a weekly podcast where Han and Matt, a married, polyamorous, queer-as-hell couple discuss their favorite advice columns from around the internet, as well as questions from listeners.

Han and Matt take on issues from relationships to jobs to roommates to mental health, from columnists like Alison Green (Ask A Manager), Daniel Ortberg (Dear Prudence), Jennifer Peepas (Captain Awkward), Amy Dickinson (Ask Amy), and so many more, and we invite columnists on to talk about their work, themselves, and their most interesting questions. They also like to yell about toxic masculinity/the patriarchy and threaten to set things on fire, and are often joined by their two black cats who chime in with their opinions. 

Han runs a solo written advice column, Ask a Helping Han, and is also responsible for the official Twitter account. Matt maintains the main inbox, the Listener Hub (which includes a Listener Leader Board and Listener Pet Pictures), and lovingly crafts high fantasy names for listeners as their anonymous aliases.







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Sample Press

Sample Reviews

If you love advice columns, then you’ll love this podcast. If you’re scared of LGBTQ+ and polyamorous people, then go educate yourself. Their advice is thoughtful, evne when I disagree, and generally hilarious. There are cat cameos and questions from multiple advice columns. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode, would highly recommend!
— A G Dub
I love, love, love this podcast. It is my favorite of all podcasts and I wish they could release new episodes every day. I’ve been marathon listening from the beginning recently (especially during a 72-hour panic deep reorganisation and cleaning of my flat, which was only made more bearable by listening to Hannah and Matt attack the world’s problems with wit and charm) and it’s just so satisfying!
— MsPixx
Hannah and Matt offer an updated version of the standard advice column, giving their take on questions (and answers) from some of their favorite print, online, and podcast advice columnists. But of course, their takes is even better. Their witty and humorous banter is tempered by the fact their advice is...really good. Each question is addressed in approximately 10-minute chunks, making this perfect for commuters of any length. This is one you don’t want to pass up!
— Siltjade
Hannah and Matt Know It All is my all-time favorite podcast. Hannah and Matt re-answer the best questions from other advice columns like Dear Prudence, Ask Amy, or Ask a Manager and cover everything from sex and relationships to crazy roommates and bad bosses. Their answers are insightful, super funny, and as a bonus you regularly get to hear the sound of their cats in the background.
— laurend45a453252
We all know MBMBAM as an advice podcast for the modren era but these two are advice for the postmodren era... Han (prev. eponymous Hannah) and their husband Matt are queer, poly nerds who LOVE advice columns so much that they have decided to wrap their goofy, kind, and thoughtful brains around exploring the genre through interviews with columnists while relitigating some of the best questions from around the advice-o-sphere. Come because you love the genre (and/or cats), stay because they are a hot cup of delightful in a cold, cold world of dummies.
— davidmbeasley

In-Person Interviews

Han and Matt are DC-based (with frequent trips to NYC) and are happy to coordinate in-person interviews for local writers.