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Pet Pictures

All of the listener #podcats and other #podcreatures that have been sent our way live here! I mean, like, their likenesses live here. We didn't capture all of our listener's pets and contain them magically into these portraits. That would be preposterous as far as you know. 

UPDATE: Maintaining this was #TooMuchWork (#SaveMeFromMyself #SoManyRegretsImDead), but I’m thrilled to be able to direct you to our Facebook group, in which there is a weekly “post your pets / other cute animals in your life here” thread to carry on this furry tradition!

But where could pictures of Shadowcat be hiding?

Arkyn the Enduring's Cat, Winston

Chaos Sunrise's Cats, Arya and Sansa

Maewyn the Lacerator's Dog, Toph

Rage Wanderlust's Cat, Rex

Princess Silentstrike's Many Petfriends

Empusaria the Devourer's "Cat"

Musa the Ironhearted's Spider Plant

Heldraga the Unseen's Cats, Saavik And T'Pau

Solyara, Queen of the Mists' Cats, Lily and Spock

Medabita Frostwind's Cat in a Pumpkin

Akinma, Boreal Elementalist's Cat, Voodoo the Vampire Cat

Arcaehl, Lost Spellweaver's Cat and Dog (Who Thinks She's a Cat)

Zelphyr, Saltborn Sovereign's Cat, Nancy

Otahra, Radiant Reaper's Cat, Spenser

alyTemporalAnom's Dog, Maxwell

Lephra, Master Manipulator's Cat, Mitzvah Shalom (Known to Her Friends as Mitzy)

Lygeia, Cunning Mesmerist's Cats, Warden (Tortoiseshell) and Hawke (Orange Tabby)

Jethra, Ethereal Shapeshifter's Dog, Cocoa

Melody Heartfinder's Dogs, Badger and Ditzy

Apin'eht, Thorny Duelist's Cat, Lucy

Becca's Cat, Ollie

Aephe, Stout Battlemage's Pet Friends

Carabel the Tinkerer's Cats, Kodiak (All White) and Tevye (Black Spots)

Zelda's Cats, Patch (Cow Spots) and Buster (Black)

E, Enigmatic Insurgent's Dogs, Chublin (Brown) and Luna (White)

Xantar, Fearless Aeronaut's Cat, Schrödie

Mo's "Beautiful Fluffbeast" Cat, Parsnip

Faye Rosario, Sanguine Noble's Polydactyl Cat, Sascha (@saschafella on Instagram)

Machete Alice's Cats, Otis and Barnie

Dyra, Astral Regent's Dog, Eddie

Ekril, Esteemed Warden's Cog and Cat, Molly and Purr Purr

Amariel, Scheming Orator's Cat, Junta

Keldira, Arboreal Raider's Cats, Jack the Clown and Princess Ella

Mary, Veiled Reckoner's Cat and Dog, Max and Penny

Meg, Herald of Storms' Cat, Coco and Bonus Kitty

Ezavul, Angel of Mending's Cat, Hoshi

Amy's Cat, Theodore

Lauren's Cat, Monty ("The Intern") Hermann

Berylglow, Estival Sprite's Cats, Mango and Chilbur "Chili" McWilburson

Chaniko, Who Lights the Way's Cats, Harpin and Praline

Tavi, Heart of the Stars' "Lil' Puggy Butt," Kagome

Fae Wrai's Cat, Kathryn Henrietta Harrington Hartman IV (AKA Miss Pussycat or Kissycat)

Holly Hellhunter's Cat, Cleo

Zoya's Cat, Who Will One Day Broker World Peace

Rubius Rascal, the Amaretto Tastemaker of Keystone Monastery's Cats Leeloo Dallas Muffinbutt (A.K.A. Muffin, Bunny, or Woo Woo) (Gray and White), and Angus "Asshole" Mcfluffington (A.K.A. Goose Goose, Little Boy, or Love Bug) (Orange)

The Marsh Devil's Adventure-Cat-In-Training, Ellie

Nyzard, Wily Necromancer's Cats (Spec & Percy) and Dogs (Agave & Shiloh)

Basila, Darling Champion's Cat, McIvor

Ursial the Cyclone's Cat Friends

Talvir, Woodland Acrobat's Dog, Doogan

Kavura, Illustrious Mariner's Bountiful Crop of Pet Friends

Tamisril, Desolater of The Bezirh Highlands' Dogfriend, Spike

Silnia Shearfang's Bunny, Penny

Ulkala Crimsonclaw's Very Good Boy, Digby

Marynida, The Prized Mermaid of Silvershore Seaport's Cat, Yin-Yang & a Bonus Critter

Listener Farenna the Merciful Alchemist's Cat and Ferret, Roxy and Jack

Anne, Defender of Willow's Cat, Willow

Scary Poppins' Dog, Huckleberry

The Nameless One's Leopard-Friend, Sansa

Portia, Hybrid Caretaker's Cat, Milo

Kairluma, the Wonder of Haraka's Cat Print Shirt (karahankard on Instagram)

Lady Margella III, Commander of the Thunderpearl Airship's Cats, Gizmo and Tristan, Plus Bonus Bunny, Nibbles

Elrathia King's Cat and Dog, Emrys and Leeloo

Roldizal, Bestiary Curator's Dog, Miley

Christine's Cat, Mitzi

Krista's Dog, Gabbie

Pyrrin the Inferno's Pet Husband, Matt