Random Fantasy Name Generator


With each click, you can create five high fantasy names with millions of unique possibilities. Here’s a guide to what each label means:

  • Monstrous: A creature, humanoid, or monster of some renown, but as yet unnamed.

  • Esteemed: A player character or NPC who is just getting their start in the world, known almost exclusively by name and not deed.

  • Renowned: A player character or NPC whose deeds have begun to earn them a reputation, for better or worse.

  • Exalted: A player character or NPC whose profession has begun to define them but with no less memory of their reputation thus far.

  • Glorified: A player character or NPC who has ascended to folk hero or menace status, particularly owed to a defining act of heroism or cowardice.

The miscellaneous phonemes that comprise the player character / NPC names are all derived from the hundreds of names I’ve hand-crated over the years for the anonymous names used on the podcast. The major sources of inspiration for surnames and titles have come from my personal gaming experiences, chiefly the Diablo series, Minecraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering. Inspiration has also been lifted from the Zodiac, gem stones, and various other words taken from nature.

I would be nowhere without the impressive ingenuity of Emily of "Fantasy Name Generators” and her hundreds of name generator tools that I’ve used countless times through the years, likewise for Seventh Sanctum. Ultimately, Niels of Name-Generators is responsible for providing the tutorial and code that finally put all of these inspirations together into my first foray into the random name space. Much love to all of them!