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This placard commemorates the The Hub's generous patrons, whose contributions help keep the lights on and the beer flowing. Click the magical button below and pledge a recurring monthly donation if you'd like to see yourself on this list as well as gaining a number of perks including (but not limited to):

  • A Matt-generated high fantasy name as your new alias (Common Tier)
  • Exclusive bonus content recorded just for Uncommon and higher patrons (extra questions, dramatic readings, cat videos… WHO KNOWS) (Uncommon Tier)
  • A monthly exclusive Google hangout invite to ask us anything and just hang out (Rare Tier)
  • If you’re ever in NYC, we’ll take you out for a drink! (Mythic Tier)

Already a patron? Check out our instructions on how to join our exclusive patron-only Minecraft server, available to those donating at any level!

Aephe, Stout Battlemage
Akinma, Boreal Elementalist
Alana, Volant Trailblazer
alyTemporalAnom, Steward of Endless Possibilities
Amariel, Scheming Orator
Amelda, Unrelenting Duelist
Amelia Grizzlebriar, Ambitious Pupil
Amelia Oric, Progress Seeker
Aralyn Novabringer
Arcaehl, Lost Spellweaver
Arkyn the Enduring
Ash'ka, The Wild Fire

Athamus, Satanic Harvester
Aurora, Dark Huntress
Azuriel, Guardian of the Arillium Sanctuary
Basila, Darling Champion
Berylglow, Estival Sprite
Carabel the Tinkerer
Catalina, Somber Violinist
Cynthea Motherfury
Dabrius the Decapitator
Dhergo, Twisted Languisher
Diados the Familiar

Domirus, Corrupted Weldor
Dr. Wrenwood, Rabid Botanist
Drake Aethershield
Drozu of the Farlands
E, Enigmatic Insurgent
Empusaria the Devourer
Ethemera of the Jade Massif
Ethia, Tireless Sentinel

Ezavul, Angel of Mending
Farenna the Merciful Alchemist
Faye Rosario, Sanguine Noble
Godslayer the Indomitable

Grimira, Skulking Lich
Gwyndina, Heretical Historian

Heldraga the Unseen
Helmi, Peerless Blademaster
Inika, Fateful Renegade
Jinvia Rosevale, Romantic Voyager of The Whispering Rim
Jixa, Odious Germinator
Kahlmera, Ringleader of The Silkbay Arena
Kaiteria, Enchanter of Treasures

Kassoni Briarsage, Cryptid Conjurer
Kavura, Illustrious Mariner
Kroval Zidarose, First Mate of the Thunderpearl Airship

Lady Margella III, Commander of the Thunderpearl Airship
Leemra, Adept Aeromancer
Lygeia, Cunning Mesmerist

Maerek, Zealous Firebrand
Marynida,The Prized Mermaid of Silvershore Seaport
Medabita Frostwind

Meira, Audacious Agitator
Melody Heartfinder
Mikara the Cunning
Musa the Ironhearted
Myrela Swiftfury
Nova, Hammer of Justice
Nyzard, Wily Necromancer

Oretra Farcliffe, Falconer of the Firefern Wilds
Orlahv, Wicked Savant
Otasa, Scavenging Alchemist
Portia, Hybrid Caretaker
Raal'tuc, Vexing Archfiend
Ralniel, Airship Ransacker
Remira, Trouble Seeker
Riecka the Aeonian

Roldizal, Bestiary Curator
Rygara Rustwood, Famed Enchantress of the Thunderpearl Airship
Saphra, Conjurer of Feasts
Scorashi, Sorcerer of the Sacred Order
Selavyn the Bruiser

Silnia Shearfang
Simon Aethercap, Archer of the Arillium Lookout

Solyara, Queen of the Mists
Starla Corralsage the Eternal Crone

Supreme Historian Vai'Harenne
Talanyr, Inscriber of Cairns

Tamisril, Desolater of The Bezirh Highlands
Taphre, Redeemed Cultist
Tavi, Heart of the Stars
Tempris, the Friendly Ifrit

Teruphisia, Autumnal Dryad
Tess Ilarium, Star Thespian
The Nameless One
The Only Owl Ever
The Phantom of Silkbay
The Quantum Feline
Ursial the Cyclone
Victavius the Enforcer
Vitaeus Carrelia, Archivist Defector

Xantar, Fearless Aeronaut
Yalni, Acclaimed Magician
Zayime, Herald of Despair
Zelda Ambershine, Siren Lyricist

Zerrek, Peacekeeper of Otopo
Zovoq, Lamia Ravager
Zulgara the Dreaded
Zaphrus Sabresong, Stalwart Mystic

We love y'all so dang much! Seriously, thank you to everyone for your support, whether that's with an iTunes review or a donation or by telling a friend about our show or any of the many ways to express your gratitude, we appreciate everything that you do for us. You're a genuine wonder.