A G Dub

If you love advice columns, then you'll love this podcast. If you're scared of LGBTQ+ and polyamorous people, then go educate yourself. Their advice is thoughtful, evne when I disagree, and generally hilarious. There are cat cameos and questions from multiple advice columns. I've thoroughly enjoyed every episode, would highly recommend!

— A G Dub


I love, love, love this podcast. It is my favorite of all podcasts and I wish they could release new episodes every day. I've been marathon listening from the beginning recently (especially during a 72-hour panic deep reorganisation and cleaning of my flat, which was only made more bearable by listening to Hannah and Matt attack the world's problems with wit and charm) and it's just so satisfying!

— MsPixx


Hannah and Matt are great! I've listened to most episodes by now, and it's closer to sitting down with a friend and talking out the issue at hand than just reading an advice column, probably because you're listening to two perspectives. They both have a lot to contribute and it's great to hear them dissect the issues as a team. Would recommend.

— Sehartz


Hannah and Matt offer an updated version of the standard advice column, giving their take on questions (and answers) from some of their favorite print, online, and podcast advice columnists. But of course, their takes is even better. Their witty and humorous banter is tempered by the fact their advice is...really good. Each question is addressed in approximately 10-minute chunks, making this perfect for commuters of any length. This is one you don't want to pass up!

— Siltjade

Laura the Lorax

Been listening since episode one and I'm addicted! They give really helpful advice and offer new perspectives on previously answered questions. They also take listener questions and offer valuable and unique insights :) Very progressive, inclusive, thoughtful, and fun!

— Laura the Lorax


If you like advice columns you'll love this podcast. I love the opportuntiy to hear differing views on sticky questions since sometimes Hannah or Matt's takes on an issue will differ from the original reviewer. The original questions have also been very good. If nothing else, how better to distract yourself from your own garbage fire of a life? :)

— ridgewoodqueens


Love listening to Hannah and Matt's commentary on a range of issues from daily social etiquette to controversial themes. I find myself laughing out loud often and look forward to getting swept away into their world for an hour each week. Their perspective on sexuality, relationships, politics, gender identity, awareness, etc., intrigue and stretch me to think outside of my box. Thank you for this podcast.

— Awnibaby


Hannah and Matt are super fun to listen to. The advice and adjascent conversations are entertaining, insightful and thought-provoking. I'm always looking for podcasts that are both smart but not too ponderous. Hannah and Matt deliver a great balance between entertaining and useful.

— Bethany_j_j


I discovered Hannah and Matt two weeks ago and I have already binge-listened to all the episodes. I appreciate the way they take on advice with sensitivty and humor. It reminds me of the discussions I have with my best friends. Keep up the good work!

— GeoBQn