I love, love, love this podcast. It is my favorite of all podcasts and I wish they could release new episodes every day. I've been marathon listening from the beginning recently (especially during a 72-hour panic deep reorganisation and cleaning of my flat, which was only made more bearable by listening to Hannah and Matt attack the world's problems with wit and charm) and it's just so satisfying! (Hannah's rant against Bernie Bros made me drop my laundry in anxious anticipation as to how they would proceed then cheer aloud at the end of their response). I love advice columns, and this podcast is simply perfect for someone who loved opinionated people, especially queer feminist opinionated people. I usually get my hackles up at a question and start complaining aloud to the cats, only to have Hannah immediately start addressing whatever I was annoyed about with equal annoyance, which is so satisfying. Hannah and Matt and Laurel addressed a question of mine about my monogamous relationship on their poly podcast, and the response was so thoughtful and kind and comprehensive; I am really impressed by their sensitivity and how respectful and caring they are. Email exchanges with Matt were delightful and warm, and listening to the podcast is like listening to your two best and most like-minded friends share their opinions over a glass of wine. I'm writing this while sat in one of my favourite pubs with a book I was intending to read, but I'm too addicted to this podcast to turn it off! If you like advice, and especially if you advice and are a feminist and a queer person and a left-win advocate, this is definitely for you. Five stars is not enough for Hannah and Matt—and, of course, the kittens who have to put in their two-cents on occasion.

— MsPixx