Ask Gigi & Dirty Sexy Monogamy

Why We Read Ask Gigi & Dirty Sexy Monogamy

Matt: While some advice columnists labor to exclude personal details and anecdotes to instead be the pointedly objective every(wo)man, Gigi Engle does not shy away from taking on the role of the concerned auntie who knows a thing or two that you are absolutely going to be hearing about—sexy and unflattering details and all. Her candor plays especially well in audio form, and the unfettered intimacy and sex-positivity that has come to define Engle's brand is a framework that Han and I both strongly appreciate and aspire to. Update: Although 'Dirty Sexy Monogamy' is no longer with us, I still hold a fondness for it and will keep it on this 2017 list for pod-sterity (credit to "Random Fan-Person" for the pun!). Engle nevertheless can be found all over the internet wherever sex education is needed (it's needed everywhere).