Dear Kiki

Why We Read Dear Kiki

Matt: Dear Kiki can accurately be described as a hidden gem; this advice column (found only in Iowa City's local magazine Little Village Mag) was completely unknown to me until a listener requested that we discuss the hilarious and disturbing 'I Can't Get My Mind Off of the Speaker of the House,' and I've been hooked ever since. Updates are regrettably sparse, however, and limited to monthly magazine releases, which simply is not enough Kiki. A big part of her appeal to me is that she suffers no fools as she deftly deconstructs fascinating relationship and sex quandaries and delivers some memorable, geeky one-liners like the following: "The thing is, you can do whatever your kinky minds dream of, but with great sex comes great responsibility." Every "little village" deserves a village agony aunt as willing to delve into the tangled mess of modern relationship troubles as Kiki.