The 28 Advice Columns & Podcasts We're Addicted to in 2019

A big part of the reason Han and Matt "Know It All" is because there are a handful of phenomenally keen personalities in the world of advice-giving who have inspired the podcast (and advice column, Ask a Helping Han) that we do; each Monday, we host a weekly homage and re-answering of our favorite advice questions from the below columns and podcasts that are (mostly) still active in 2019 as well as taking listener questions. If you love the advice world as much as we do and want a weekly dose of all the hits with two fresh takes, check out Han and Matt Know It All on iTunes or sample the latest episode below.

Are we missing any of what you would consider to be the best advice columns out there or is there something you'd love to hear us discuss? Email us! We'd love to give your favorites a try and they may end up on our list (and if you're seeking advice from Han and Matt, you can email us directly or send us your questions anonymously if you prefer).

Click here if you'd prefer to browse this in an index view with a simplified list of columns presented alongside the descriptions, and download our opml file to import the full list of advice columns that Han and Matt follow straight to your Feedly dashboard.